Each day of workshop classes contains 4 to 5 hours of intensive training in the following disciplines:

BALLET: Ballet classes are taught using the famous Russian method developed by a legendary figure in the history of ballet Agrippina Vaganova. This method is defined by not only paying great attention to polishing technical details, developing strength and stamina, but also to the cleanliness of style and to the beauty of lines formed by the dancer’ body.

POINTE: Developing the technique of performing all ballet movements on pointe (toe).

VARIATIONS: Solo dances from the classic repertoire taught as a step in preparation for the professional stage in order to expose students to a diverse choreographic material.

CHARACTER DANCE: Very important and often neglected part of classical ballet. The workshop introduces several European folk dances that are being used in classical ballet repertoire.

EXTENSION / GYMNASTICS FOR BALLET DANCERS: Focuses on extension and muscle strengthening in a unique and systematic way, which is crucial for every professional dancer. Although very similar in some way to a popular Pilates method, this system has been developed and used for decades in Russia’s best professional ballet academies.


CLASSICAL REPERTOIRE: A one hour class per week is devoted to watching and discussing of some well-known and some rare video recordings of famous performances by greatest ballet dancers of our time. This is an important and often neglected part of education of young dancers that broadens their understanding of classical ballet as the art form.


ACTING: Extremely beneficial class for those who would like to improve their expression and presentation.

IN ADDITION: Interested students will have an opportunity to sign up for private instructions where their individual problems and weaknesses will be addressed.


Students can register for any number of  weeks of our workshop. Those who register for all 4 weeks benefit the most, since any serious corrections of most common mistakes dancers have or any significant improvements in ballet technique usually take considerable time. 

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